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Graptosedum ????

]Hello my name is Teresa. Im new here. Someone from a german succulent forum told me to ask you if you know which plant i own.
My grandmother gave it to me 2 years ago, well she only gave me two leaves but now i have dozen of this kind.
She never gave her plants a lot of water so they are really small. But i had the sensation that it needed more so i watered it a lot and it grows realy fast at my flat.
They can get really long and try to make roots everywhere.
But they never had flowers.
First i thought it was a pachyphytum but now i think its a graptosedum.
I saw fotos from graptosedum paraguayense but they are not exactly the same.
Now i hope that someone here knows better.
Thank you!




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Re: Graptosedum ????

Hi Sumen, it is probable that it is a xGraptosedum - we will know for certain when you have the flowers. Maybe you should be more reluctant with watering to persuade it to flower ....  Or maybe you see flowers on the mother plant of your grandmother ?
"Paraguayense" is a Graptopetalum species, not a xGraptosedum.

http://www.crassulaceae.ch/de/artikel?a … =P&aID=100


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