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The ICN-Collection, a reminder


now the Reference-Collection of the american Crassulaceae is in its 4th year. Its time to remind you of the possibilities of this collection.

1). please look at the section at our website: http://www.crassulaceae.ch/index.php?TP … 270_id=274;
2). make a wishlist of the plants that you are interested in;
3). send me a personal message of your wishlist and I will propagate the plant for you.

I think that this "casting" is better than to propagate all plants in the collection on suspicion.

To expand the collection as a central point of the ICN I´m reliant of your help. If you have plants/cultivars/other clones that are not in the listing please send me a cutting or a leaf of it. As a donor you get all propagations from the ICN-collection for free. Not-Donors from the ICN will have to pay only the prime costs.

I would be delighted to hear from you (all ;-) )


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